Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ratings by the (Non)Numbers

Numbers are difficult.  Trying to pin tastes, feelings, circumstances, and biases into a line and then dedicating myself to upholding the sanctity of that line is hard.  I can love a bottle tonight while knowing that it's not as good as a bottle I thought was kind of mediocre last year.  The whole experience around the drink can dictate how the drink feels, and there is no way to separate that from what comes out of the bottle.

For those reasons I knew I didn't want a rigid rating system, but I do want a rating system.  I tend to recall how I feel about things with vague impressions which might be as simple as "good", "disappointing", or "boring", or might imply a bit more like "horse vomit".  My system is going to be ratings by association.  The rating is a word of phrase that evokes the spirit of the spirit.  If this doesn't make sense, just know that if I give something a rating of "boobies" I really, really like it.

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